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Processing transactions
"Payment transactions go directly to the processor."
The payment transactions go directly to the processor and are not routed through a gateway server.

With Forward Pay equipment, the merchants own their merchant accounts.
Bank Account and Merchant Account
To collect money from a credit card operated vending machine, the merchant will need two types of accounts:
First, a bank account.
Second, a merchant account.
Bank Account
This is simply the merchant's business bank account - typically, the checking account.  The bank account is where the money from the credit card sales transactions will be deposited.
Merchant Account
A merchant account is a special account setup for collecting credit card transactions.  A merchant account is actually a contractual agreement between  the merchant (owner / operator of the vending machine), and an acquiring bank.  Under this agreement the acquiring bank will collect the sale proceeds from the card userís issuing bank and will deposit the funds into the business  bank account.  A merchant account is obtained from a credit card processor. 

Forward Pay helps make arrangments to setup merchant accounts.  After a merchant account is setup, Forward Pay remotely loads the appropriate parameters into the equipment.
Recommended Processor
Forward Pay recommends fast and highly reliable transaction processing with a merchant account from WorldPay.
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BlueVend Merchant Account
BlueVend offers detailed daily online reporting and ability to refund sales online.
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Other Processors
It is possible to use some other processors with the Forward Pay equipment. 

Because of the addtional support involved Forward Pay will charge a setup fee as well as an annual maintenance fee.
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