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About BlueVend
The people at BlueVend know and understand the Forward Pay Systems unattended cashless payment systems.

All transactions go directly to the secure servers at BlueVend.  There is no intermediate gateway.

With a BlueVend merchant account, vending machine merchants have password protected website access to their merchant account reports. These reports provide credit card sales information for each vending machine. Information for each individual transaction is available (useful to help resolve a dispute).

On the Blue Vend merchant account website the vending machine merchant can even directly refund a sale if required.  Also, on this website, the vending merchant can manually charge a customer's credit card if, for example, there is a need to charge for addtional products or services not vended by the equipment.
There is no setup fee for a BlueVend account. However, Forward Pay does charge an annual maintenance fee for a BlueVend account.
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